Blueberry Pancakes Recipe

It is very important to have a great breakfast in the morning, because that way your entire day will be great. And what could be greater than a plate of blueberry pancakes? This is just the energy you need, so there is an idea of how to make a perfect breakfast.
You need:
Image of Blueberry Pancakes.2 separated eggs
2 ¼ teaspoons baking powder
1 ½ cups flour
1 cup milk
3 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons butter, melted
¾ teaspoon salt
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, rinsed

How to make it: You need a bowl. Put the eggs in the bowl and beat them until they are stiff, then put them aside. Take another bowl. Put the flour, the baking powder, the salt and the sugar in the bowl and sift them.

After that, add milk and the melted butter. Now stir the mixture until it becomes homogenous. Mix everything until the composition is smooth and add the blueberries. Put the egg whites in now. Finally, bake the composition on a greased and hot griddle. This amount of ingredients is for a portion of 12 blueberry pancakes.

Healthy Benefit of Blueberry

We all know that it is very healthy to eat fruits and vegetables, but it is also good to know that some fruits are healthier than others, providing different nutritional elements necessary for the body to develop a better activity.

Each fruit has a different effect on the body, providing different vitamins and so on. Blueberries for example are among the best and this is a fact which has been proved by many renowned scientists around the world.

The Basic Pancake Recipe


The basic pancake is a small, round, flat cake that in most cases is made from a batter and then cooked.

It may be cooked on a hot griddle, in a frying pan, or in a pan in the oven. It is cooked one side at a time, and then flipped over to finish the other side. Flipping a half cooked pancake using only the pan and skillful arm and wrist movements can be an art!

The batter for most types of pancakes is a combination of flour, eggs, and milk, but not always. Some batters do not use eggs, others use a rising agent like baking powder, and many have other ingredients like sugar and cinnamon or ginger.

In Mexico, they use corn meal with or instead of flour and call them hotcakes. Most pancakes are quick breads, although some use yeast for a rising agent. Every culture has its own version of the pancake.

Blueberry Pancake Recipe

It is always difficult to choose what kind of pancakes to eat for breakfast, because there is no doubt that all pancakes are extremely tempting. However, blueberry pancakes seem to be even healthier than other pancakes and many people around the world sped their time experimenting and trying to find new ways of offering people just the breakfast they need in order to start a good day.

Just like in the case of any delicious type of food or unique recipe, there are some secrets a cook has to pay a lot of attention to or even some secrets that most of the cooks don’t want to reveal. It all starts with finding the best blueberries and then the entire recipe becomes a challenge. Gingerbread would be one of the secrets, but there is more on that. Closely related to this, all recipes can have certain ingredients replaced by others, according to each one’s tastes.

Making the best pancakes always turns out to be quite easy, but it isn’t really something you can cook without putting any passion in there whatsoever, because although it already seems a cliché, you will definitely enjoy these pancakes more if you pay attention to every single detail.


Bluberry Fruit - Protect you Body and Mind

Blueberries protect the body from all kinds of diseases, they slow down the aging process and they provide many elements the body needs in order to function at high parameters. Fruits with one of the most significant and important antioxidant power, blueberries leave their marks on every part of the body, from the neurological level, the cardiologic one to the kidney system and immune system and they are therefore some of the most recommended fruits to be included in someone’s healthy diet.

In other words, blueberries should be included in everyone’s diet from a large number of reasons and they also have a good taste, therefore being a lot of recipes blueberries can be included in and help our body work a little better and be more resistant.

Acai Berry Benefits

Studied more and more lately, Acai Berry seems to have many health benefits and also one of the foods with the most nutritional elements. The Acai fruit has a lot of advantages over the human body, therefore it is used more and more often in different supplements and diets.

More energy
Increased mental health
Detoxification effects
Better heart condition
Increased immunity
Weight loss
Better circulation

Healthy Pancake Recipes

A good day always starts with a good breakfast and what sweeter way is there to start a day than with some delicious pancakes?

Breakfast can be cooked any way you want, therefore it is not worth giving up on the things you like if certain ingredients are not healthy enough. Instead, these unhealthy ingredients can always be replaced by other healthier ones.

Most of the people seem to have a lot of problems with the fact that pancakes contain wheat flour. You can now find out how to replace this ingredient so that there are no negative effects over your body and even keeping some money in your pocket.